Survive the unforgiving nights in this topdown roguelite...
explore the island, set up camp, and slay Titans in souls-like combat
as you seek the source of the all-consuming desolation.
But beware, the longer you survive, the darker the nights become.


Scavenge for resources, build fortresses, craft powerful weapons!

Random Invasions!

Every night face off against pirates, zombies, bandits, and more!


Face Krakens, Bone Dragons, Titan Zombies, and other epic bosses!

Survive the Night

Exciting Loot!

Each item has been handcrafted for its purpose. Defeat a Titan Zombie? Take its hide to craft powerful, undead armor!

Escalating Difficulty!

Increasingly more intense invaders arrive on the island each night. When night falls, even the most prepared may not survive.

Unforgiving Survival

We are tired of ``survival`` games that are just explorative sandboxes.

Souls-Like Combat

Whether you are battling with a wooden quarterstaff, a lightning wand, or dual-wielded crossbows, the combat feels tactical, fast-paced, and engaging. Hacking and slashing will lead to a quick death for the player.

Choose How to Survive

You will die often, and when you do, the island regenerates. The randomness throughout all of the game mechanics encourages new choices of playstyles, characters, skills, and weapons.

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