Developer: Frostforged Games LLC

Two brothers developing games for 15 years.

Based in Athens, Georgia

Planned Release Date: Late 2022

Platform: Steam PC

Website: https://www.wildlightgame.com/

Planned Launch Price: USD 14.99

Genre: Roguelite | Souls-Like | Survival


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After a few years of publishing dozens of mobile games together, in August of 2012, my brother and I started prototyping Wild Light while in school. In 2014 we scrapped the project and started over and then launched a Kickstarter in 2017. After failing to reach our funding goal, we went back to the drawing board… literally.. we went silent for 5 years to redo all the graphics and redesign much of the game. While the first 5 years of development provided us with a foundation to build on, it was primarily a learning experience for us both. It was a time to experiment with ideas and to hone in on what makes Wild Light fun, challenging, and unique.

The past 5 years have been the core of the development and now 10 years after our initial prototype, we are finally ready to showcase a game we are proud of.

This is our first “big” game and a huge passion project for us. While we were originally inspired by survival/exploration games like Minecraft and Terraria, we began drawing inspiration from roguelites and strove to create a roguelite survival game where an increasingly deadly island hunts the player and keeps character life expectancy short.


Title: Wild Light: Darkest Isles


A Topdown Rogue-Survival

Permadeath Island-Survival

Short-Description: Survive the unforgiving nights in this topdown roguelite… explore the island, set up camp, and slay Titans in souls-like combat. But beware, the longer you survive, the darker the nights become.


Each night increasingly brutal enemies are summoned by the island to expel the unwanted player. With player each death, the island regenerates with new terrain, events, and loot, giving the player a chance to craft new weapons and build a more fortified camp only to have that camp demolished by Titans.

Wild Light overcomes the struggle of a permadeath survival game by throwing Roguelite elements into the recipe. Each survival session is full of procedurally generated events to explore and a fast-approaching sunset that keeps players having to adapt to their new surroundings each playthrough.

Souls-like combat keeps the game challenging each playthrough while the crafting and survival add an extra layer of strategy required to survive the fast-approaching darkness.

The days pass quickly and the unforgiving but fair nature of the game creates an urgency to survive. Exploration, looting, and crafting are all centered around the goal of having just enough to survive each night and escape the island.


  • Procedurally generated islands with hand-crafted events
  • 30+ Weapons with their own special abilities – Summon lightning, block blows, and launch arrows and fireballs from a distance.
  • 11 Unlockable Survivors – Each with their own special abilities, equipment, and stats.
  • 50+ Skills – summon vampiric bats, supply drops, and companion light orbs.
  • 35+ Unique Enemies – Humanoids can wield any of the 30+ weapons.
  • 3 Brutal Titans and an assortment of bosses.
  • 10+ Invasion Types – each night a procedurally generated invasion forces survivors to adapt.


Roguesurvival – an unexplored genre:

  • Roguelite – Permadeath and an epic souls-like combat system on a procedural island.
  • Survival – Craft from 100+ items, slay golems to collect stone, hunt animals, and construct bases to hold back the Titans.
  • That extra twist – The sun sets quickly on the isles and each night survivors are invaded by increasingly brutal monsters until death or escape.

Monetization Permission

Frostforged Games LLC allows for the contents of Wild Light: Darkest Isles to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Wild Light: Darkest Isles is legally & explicitly allowed by Wild Light: DarkestIsles. This permission can be found in writing at https://www.wildlightgame.com/press.

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